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How It Works

Starting an Ad Hoc Meeting

Synappx Meeting can help coordinate ad hoc meetings.

The following actions can be performed without having a scheduled meeting:

  • Invite attendees
  • Set up a web conference session
    • Microsoft Teams (default for Microsoft 365 users)
    • Google Meet (default for Google Workspace users)
    • Zoom Meeting (additional settings required for ad hoc meetings)
  • Book a meeting room
  • Utilize automated casting
  • Utilize automated Bluetooth audio device connection
  • Access shortcuts and recent cloud storage documents
  • Track meeting time
  1. Select Meet Now.
  2. The Ad Hoc Meeting Description window will open. [View Image]
  3. Select a workspace under Location.
  4. If a web conference is not required, select Start. If not, see Create a Web Conference. If the workspace is not available, a notification will pop up. In that case, select a different workspace.

    The Synappx meeting launcher will open and your PC will connect to the room display and audio (if configured by your administrator).

If you want to use Zoom for ad hoc meetings:

  1. Go to Settings > Web Conference.
  2. Toggle Zoom. (A teal toggle indicates that Zoom is enabled.
For more information, go to
Web conferences are set to use Microsoft Teams for Microsoft 365 users and Google Meet for Google Workspace users.
  1. Select Meet Now.
  2. The Ad Hoc Meeting Description window will open. [View Image]
  3. Select a web conference from the dropdown menu (Microsoft Teams for Microsoft 365 users, Google Meet for Google Workspace users, or Zoom). 

  4. Type a few characters and users from the directory will populate. Select the attendee(s). Then select Add.
  5. Select Start.
A web conference will begin and invitations will be sent to attendees while your PC automatically connects to the display and the meeting room audio.

Some display devices support multiple inputs. Since the device input may not be set to use screen casting, Synappx Meeting v2.3 and later supports auto-input switch. Once the casting input is configured by a Synappx administrator, the device will switch to the casting input when a meeting is started or when the casting button is selected.

When multiple devices are configured for casting in the workspace, Synappx Meeting will prompt you to select the display device when you start a meeting or cast your PC. When the display is selected, your PC will project to the device. [View Image]